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There are hundred of Websites and thousands of books floating around for SAT prep.

Just to cull out the relevant study material, preparation course can take days of effort.

Even then you run the risk of picking up the incorrect material that does not help you reach your

Also, SAT is more about the application of concepts rather than the learning of concepts. Most of
the books and coaching classes teach you about the concepts rather than how to apply these to
the SAT.

With this site, you will learn how the SAT winners take the same study material as everybody
else, put in the same effort, yet come out with flying colors.
As you might think, it is not that they are gifted, if that alone were the cause, there would not be
multiple examples of people improving their scores by 400 + points in the second attempt.

You will learn about how the SAT winners plan, how they think, what material they use.

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