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Integrated Publishing Association - ipublishing.co.in

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Integrated Publishing Association is a scientific association of like minded researchers, academia and scholars working with various esteemed institutions and research organizations across the globe. IPA was established with a motto to provide an online publishing platform for researchers, scholars, academia, Universities, Colleges and research organizations to publish the outcome of their research works. It is an association, which focuses on bringing out quality research works, which are not published any where, in a simplest manner. We are currently publishing five scholarly journals covering all major areas of research works , we are also planning to bring up new journals as and when need arises. In the recent decades, there is a drastic increase in the number of journals, many organizations and individuals are bringing out new journals regularly which helps many researchers to publish their works.


This is an excellent organisation doing great service to the research community, this kind of sites should be promoted well. We will support the growth of IPA fully

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