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  1. Who should be interested in this? - Internet users who want to know that sites are concerned about their information and are following Internet Best Practices.

  2. How are these Trusted Site seals different from others? - Open accountability. Enough bad reviews and a domain will be banned.

  3. How come only some seals appear next to certain sites? - Only the qualified seals appear based on our automated scanning and account standing. A site needs a current privacy policy for the privacy seal and a current SSL certificate for the security seal.

  4. How are sites ordered? - We use multiple relevancy factors including unique seal visitor impressions to include the most popular sites on our featured list.

  5. Why do same sites list on many pages? - The tag-cloud is seeded with common site terms. As new sites are submitted the cloud will dynamically replace the default listings.

  6. How does webentrust.com benefit? - By adding value added services for advanced PCI DSS security scanning in the future. In the mean time a little free publicity doesn't hurt..


  1. Who can use the Trusted Site seals? - Any site that meets our seal requirements and our terms of use. Privacy and Security seals have additional site requirements.

  2. Do you have enough bandwidth for my site? - We manage our own rack of servers co-located with a Tier 1 ISP, with a very scalable architecture. Sites expecing over 1M monthly seal impressions should contact us first.

  3. The seal itself looks a little simplistic? - The seals are kept simple because they are dynamically generated. The seals are currently under 800 bytes which speeds delivery.


  1. Why do you need my e-mail address? - Submissions are verified via e-mail. We may notify about updates and changes to our service. It will never be displayed publicy or shared with third-parties.

  2. The requirements are too exclusive? - Not every site qualifies for our seals. If you think your site may be borderline, submit it for review with a note for the reviewer.

  3. When can I integrate the seal? - We recommend integrating the seal immediately after you submit your site. If your site is not accepted, an alternate banner will display instead of the seal.

  4. Where should I put the seal? - For best results you should display the seal near the top of your page so that you can begin building credibility with your visitors.

  5. How long does a review take? - It depends on the backlog of requests. Sites that are have already integrated the seal and generating visitor impressions get priority.

  6. Can I easily update my listing later? - Yes, you can use the link mailed to you to update your listings at any time. If you later create an account listings you open will be added to your account. Any modification queues the listing for an update review.

  7. I represent multiple sites, can I submit for them? - Create an account in our forums to manage multiple listings. Forum based listings get a bump in review priority.

  8. How do I certify domain xyz.com with my Yahoo e-mail address? - Currently you can't, our premise is that if you don't at least have an e-mail address at the domain you represent, you are probably not able to meet our requirements.

  9. Is there a limit to the number of sites? - Not in the Trusted Seal programs, but the number of sites displayed for single tags may be limited to the most relevant sites.

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