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Entraspan created the original Entrusted site seal that went into use in March of 2004. The site had it's own look and feel, but was hosted in a sub directory on the www.entraspan.com website. In September of 2007 the functionality was migrated to WebEntrusted.com to accomodate an extended set of capabilities.

The WebEntrust seals overcome fundamental flaws found with other popular site seals. We do not require payment for a site to use our trusted site seal. We have an open accountability model so that sites can be reviewed by their users. Reviews are moderated and seals for problem sites will be revoked.

The original concept was simple, and has changed very little:

  • Create a seal that would have real credibility.
  • Only accept sites that adopt Internet Best Practices.
  • Create accountability with public site reviews.
  • Human acceptance review of all submitted sites.

Since moving to the new domains, the following has been added:

  • Expansion into three primary seal categories.
  • Replaced domain list into a tag-based directory.
  • Dynamic date and site url information on seals.
  • Site management tools for submission reviewers.
  • Dynamic site monitoring to maintain standards.

A site like webentrust.com uses significant network, server, and database resources. Entraspan manages it's own data-center colocated with a tier-1 ISP. This means a fast connection, high availability, and plenty of computing resources.

We expect to see considerable growth over the near future as our seal gets more widely promoted and accepted. Please help by spreading the word to other webmasters or joining our affiliate program.

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